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See a chart of published books (Word file) and other writings by people who have experienced psychiatry.

See also PSAT's newsletter, Voices.

Phoenix Rising

The magazine, Phoenix Rising, was originally proposed by Carla McKague and Don Weitz and unanimously adopted by the first editorial collective in Toronto in 1980. Download PDFs of Phoenix Rising.

The Phoenix is one of the great birds in Greek mythology. Every 100 years, the Phoenix sets fire to its nest and rises again from the ashes. The caption "through the fire" appeared directly beneath the Phoenix on the inside Table of Contents page in many issues. A special section titled "Out of the Ashes" first appeared in a special double issue on April 1984 (vol/3 no.3/4) and continued appearing until 1989. The chief purpose of "Out of the Ashes" was to "feature poems prose, graphics photographs– writing or artistry of any kind by anyone who has been psychiarized."

the phoenix rising

A photo of the Phoenix appeared in every issue until the last, double issue on gays and lesbians published in July 1990. This final issue featured personal stories, drawings and other art by gay and lesbian psychiatric survivors. The cover subtitle on the first four issues read, "The Outspoken Voice of Psychiatric Inmates." The cover subtitle "The Voice of the Psychiatrized" appeared on all other issues of the magazine. For more information, follow the link to Back Issues.

PSAT will collect books and magazines produced by psychiatric consumer/survivors throughout our history. This will include autobiographies, poetry, plays, histories, musical lyrics, and magazines ranging from Phoenix Rising, to Madness Network News, to entries in the Schizophrenia Digest.

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