See Agatha's historical site about the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.

Also see the Psychiatric Survivor Archives, Toronto.

History of the Asylum Cemetery Project

In 2004 former employee of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital Ed Janiszewski began research into the history of the cemetery using handwritten burial records, information from the Archives of Ontario and other sources.

Ed contacted the Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto to determine whether they were aware of and interested the cemetery.

When Ed first visited the cemetery he found that there was nothing but a chain link fence surrounding a meadow with 3 foot tall grass, overgrown shrubs along the fences and dotting the field, and a tree had fallen over unmarked graves. There was no indication that this was a cemetery.

Communications with the registrar of cemeteries initially resulted in the grass being mowed and the fallen tree removed. Our other requests to improve the site are being gradually addressed.

On July 11, 2005 a march from the former Lakeshore hospital grounds to the cemetery took place to heighten awareness of the cemetery's existence. Sixty-eight people took part in the march.

In August 2004 Ed and people from Psychiatric Survivors Archives of Toronto gathered at the cemetery for a memorial and there was an impromptu clearing sod from grave markers.

In May of 2005 Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto organized memorial and clean up of the cemetery. This was the official restoration movement.

Since then, volunteers visit the cemetery regularly for a memorial and clean up in the spring and fall.