PSAT collects material objects made by psychiatric survivors, past and present, when in-patients or out-patients of a mental health facility, as well as people who are no longer patients, such as pottery, clothing, wood-work, stencilled imprints, key-chains, musical instruments, tools used to create objects, political buttons, banners and other similar examples of physical culture.

This memo shows the letterhead of the We Are Not Alone Society (1947), one of the first patients groups in the modern era. It has a green ink note indicating how this patients support and rights group was started in 1943. It says, "This is invaluable for the letterhead. It has 8 names. Mike Obolensky was a former Russian prince. Slava Orleans was his cousin. Mike and I were patients in Rockland State at the same time. In the Spring or early summer of 1943 there was a meeting in the hospital of the group that formed WANA. Bill Wilson, founder & head of AA, was there and said a few words."

From the Mind Freedom International Collection.