Art has always provided an important means for psychiatric survivors to express, speak out, sing out, or act out our experiences and stories. PSAT 's art collection includes art produced by people, groups or organizations involved in the psychiatric survivor and consumer community.

Mad Pride CD

The CD "Nutters With Attitude" was produced by Mad Pride, a group in the UK fighting discrimination against psychiatric survivors. The group formed in in 1999, has participated in a number of protests as well as initiated artistic events the celebrate madness. Tracks on this CD include: Jack Shit, Owl Walk, Torn, I Wish I Was Back Home in Derry, Make Mine A Large One, They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Ha, Psychic Sponge, Robot Wars, Getting & Spending, The Woman By The Tree, Beat It Boys (You're Really Jerks), Aeroplane Blues, I Wonder (What You Look Like With No Clothes On), Mellow My Madness, Dr. Love, Communication Failure, Pretty Vacant, Back To Zero, Road Rage, Someone Who Knows.