Audio-Visual Resources

Click HERE to view a finding index of available audio/video tapes. Visitors/researchers should come prepared with listening devices in good shape to listen to audio tapes. PSAT can make arrangements for other media formats. Use of laptops is permissible if provided by visitors/researchers. PSAT materials will be supervised by a custodian of the archves and an archivist will be available by appointment only.

To date, approximately 400 audio tapes and 40 videotapes dating as far back as the late 1970s has been catalogued or listed by Don Weitz. By the end of year 2002, this collection grew to approximately 300 audiotapes and 50 videotapes. The vast majority of tapes were produced by psychiatric survivors and/or supporters and feature major criticisms of and alternatives to the "mental health system" in Canada and the United States. Many were taped live during conferences, symposia, public forums and workshops held in Canadian and American cities including Toronto, Montreal, Kenora, Thunder Bay, Cleveland, New York, Washington, and Burlington. Others were taped live off radio and tv broadcasts or dubbed. The issues cover a wide range of issues: social control in the "mental health system", "mental illness", "schizophrenia", biological psychiatry in Nazi Germany ("T4-euthanasia"), psychiatric drugs (antidepressants and neuroleptics), electroshock ("ECT"), deaths, involuntary committal, "community treatment orders", racism and sexism in psychiatry, selected legal cases, public protests against forced psychiatric treatment, dramatic performances by survivors, self-help alternatives, homelessness and supportive housing, Support Coalition International, and Psychiatric Survivor Pride Day in Toronto.