See Agatha's historical site about the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.

Also see the Psychiatric Survivor Archives, Toronto.

History of the Lakeshore Hospital Cemetery

The land for the cemetery was acquired in the 1880s. The first burials occurred in 1890, and the last in 1974. Over the 84 years 1525 people we buried. Fourteen people were disinterred by family, leaving the 1511 graves that we currently know about. A list of their names is provided here for anyone who might wish to find their family member's plot (please notify us if you would like us to retract the name of a family member).

Between 1957 and 1973, small granite makers we placed at 154 graves. See a plot of the site.

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The Cemetery has been referred to as:

Potters Field (Mimico)
Mimico Hospital Cemetery
Evan’s Avenue Cemetery
Ontario Hospital Cemetery (New Toronto), Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.

It remains unmarked, unnamed and all but forgotten.